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Important Note: You must have either pool installation experience or significant grading and dirt work experience as well as access to equipment, general liability insurance, and tools as is outlined below in order to be considered for this position. If you meet these requirements apply online today at:


My name is Kerry Spry. I'm the Director of Onboarding and Talent Acquisitions here at Blue World Pools, Inc. / Global-Sun Pools, Inc. and I'm looking for a few new above ground pool installers from your area that are willing and able to install 20-30 above ground swimming pools per month with an average pay of $1,400.00-$1,600.00 per pool (avg. pay based on one pool with an avg. 6-8 hour install time).


About Us: Blue World Pools, Inc. is a nationwide above ground pool company that's been selling and installing pools in over 80 cities nationwide since 1982. One of the many reasons we're so successful and able to offer new installers such a rich opportunity is because we advertise nationwide on major television networks and conduct heavy internet campaigns in and around your market area. We also send representatives to the site prior to your arrival that will survey the property and insure our ability to install a pool on the property so that our installers are not wasting time and resources scheduling an install on a property with a customer where it's just not possible to install a pool. We don't build decks, do any landscaping or back fill, and we leave the dirt on the site in a nice neat pile for our customer to manage after we leave. Furthermore, we provide all of the work. Our job is to provide the work (20-30 installs per month), your job is to go and do the work. This should be a "no brainer".


Expectations and Requirements:

  1. Must have access to a full-size truck.

  2. Must have access to a Bobcat or front loader.

  3. Must have access to a transit.

  4. Must have access to a $1,000,000 general liability insurance. If you do not have insurance let us know, we can help.

  5. Must have access to at least one helper.

  6. Must be willing to start immediately.

  7. Above-ground or In-ground pool experience is definitely a plus but not required. If you do not have pool experience, significant grading experience is required.

  8. Must have a valid driver license and proof of auto insurance.

  9. Must be willing and able to cover a 200-mile installation radius and install 20-30 pools per month in your designated market or 200-mile radius.


About Installer Pay:

  • Installers install 20-30 pools per month and avg. $1,400-$1,600 per install or $20,000-$30,000 PER MONTH.

  • Installers are paid daily after every install.

  • $1,000 weekly production bonus for installing 5 pools.

  • $500 Signing Bonus.

  • Quick start bonus is an additional $100 per pool for the first 25 pools.


For more information please visit:

To apply online please visit us at:


Kerry Spry
Director of Onboarding and Talent Acquisitions

Blue World Pools, Inc. / Global-Sun Pools, Inc.

Office: 800-706-0907 Ext. 7

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